February 11, 2018

In Love with Live Curd

Everyday we eat out of love and culture. For centuries, Dahi or Curd has graced our plates. However the art of making home made curd is lost to convenience of TIME. Time is a commodity that is in short currency today and every food we eat today becomes FAST paced or read to eat out of a package.
Millions of home’s are moving to packaged curd made available in your local supermarkets. As a nutritionist we prescribe curd for its health benefits. What most consumers do not realise that Fresh curd Made at home contain live good bacteria called PROBIOTICS! This curd is loaded with millions of these bacteria that help streamline your gut for better digestion and immunity. These good bacteria also help in digestion of various foods and keep the bad bacteria that attack you at Bay.
best nutritionist in the world
" As a Pediatric Nutritionist, I try to make eating fun with my kid. Choosing produce that is healthy and scientifically planned into his meals ensures my son is the tallest in his class. His mum says lets wait till he is 16. Thats 12 years from now!"
Curd available off the shelf today is tricky! It’s the fermented milk that is produced the traditional way, but then the most destructive thing is done to this wonder food – the good bacteria are killed via a heating process. WHY? Well if you allow these bacteria to continue living, they ferment the curd further and produce a very sour end product, not to mention that the  container will explode with the fermentation gases. So ultimately you get a curd without the good guys and only the protein and calcium that the curd is meant to offer. I think this is a rip-off as I want the curd with the bacteria in it.
For many years I have been making my curd at home and struggle to get the right consistency…sometimes my wife buys the market curd much to my irritiation as she says “ IT SETS so well and is so creamy”!  I am like its “DEAD CURD” that’s now how curd should be eaten. In fact many a times I open a probiotic capsules and dunk the good bacteria into the curd. These are some of the hacks that I do as a nutritionist to help my family get a better nutritionally balanced product.
I recently had my personal Nutrition gene or DNA test done and one of the genes tested was for lactose Intolerance. I was positive in lactose non-acceptance. Thus started my journey to ban milk and curd from my life. I did this for a few months and noticed drastic changes to my  health and blood profile. Strangely even my cholesterol levels improved. So how did removal of lactose help me? Lactose is a sugar found in milk and nearly 80% of Indians are predicted to be lactose haters!.
It’s a wonder we have so much of milk and curd and nobody is asking why heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are rampant in the country. So most curd, cheese and definitely milk contain lactose and this sugar plays havoc on your digestive system by causing bloating, gas and in bad cases; loose motions!
As India’s leading sports Nutritionist I can’t help prescribe curd in the diet of medal winning athletes. But for lack of lactose free curds, I caution the athlete on adding anything but homemade in their diet. This is again unrealistic as they live in hostels and hotels as sports people.
When Epigamia sent me a gigantic stock of Epigama  Artisanal Curd to my QUA NUTRITION CLINICS with a 50 page manual on scientific studies of probiotics and that their curd was LACTOSE FREE, I was genuinely surprised. Did this mean the end of the days for my toiling to make the perfect nutritional curd at home.  I opened the first container and tasted lactose free curd for the first time in India! Not bad, smooth, creamy and perfect balance of acid and natural sweetness of the curd. I heard my taste buds going this is good! I had a whole container and waited for a day! I checked for nose sniffles, stomach pains, bloating and 24 hours later I was smiling! I found the curd I wanted to fall in love with. What was even more satisfying was the two strains of added PROBITICS to this artistic creation!
Digesting the scientific literature, my brains digested every fact this curd had to offer. Added lactase enzyme that would blast any lactose left after fermentation. My inoperable genes that procuce lactase enzyme can rest easy as the stomach would not be roughed up!  Being curious about the two strains of bacteria, I dug further into why my parents or my 4 year old son should be eating half a cup of this healthy curd everyday! Two new friends in my dictionary for good bacteria surfaced. Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis graced my table and my research skills for the next few days.
Image result for epigamia artisanal curd
A live curd with 2 beneficial Bacterial strains
What I learnt is that curd need not be dead! Infusion of probiotics in the correct dosage is key. In this case over 2 Billion Colony forming units per gram. That is like an army of good guys entering your gut.

The research papers actually pointed out that these strains of bacteria are able to stop the cold virus in its aggressive design to get your nose stuffy and feverish! For elderly people we find that constipation may be lessened as the bacteria allow better stool motility. For all of these great reasons I wanted to suspect that this is too good to be true. Epigamia Artisanal  Curd ultimately hit a home run when the pack said limited shelf time of just 14 days. This is something everything a nutritionist looks for…FRESHNESS! It means that the curd will not be dead, will not lie on a shelf for 3 months and you know after 14 days any curd you buy is DEAD to you!

September 12, 2017


Protein SHAKES are a nutritional convenience to your Nutritional Indiscipline. Use a Sports Nutritionist to guide you on the right amounts after checking your blood tests for any ups and downs.

September 7, 2017

RADIO episode on " Which is the right fish to eat"

Listen into a 3 minute sound byte from my everyday morning radio show called the fitness hour on Indigo 91.9 FM at GOA and BANGALORE India.

August 13, 2017

SPORTSTAR- The Genesis of Eating for performance

The human Body is a machine. When a machine is operated at full strength it needs the right fuel, the right maintenance and care. Similarly when an athlete plays a sport they operate in the realm of highest effort day in and day out. This culminates at a peak during matches and competitions. So the right rest, the right training and ultimately the RIGHT FUEL results in a better performing individual.
The Human body is designed to be put through the GRIND. However modern day athletes have grueling if not Killing schedules that abuse the body into submission where ultimately Injury or NO form is the death of an athlete.
When working with serious athletes, Olympic champions and record breakers, I see that Food or their meals are driven by love or culture from the home. Unfortunately most players do not realise that their calories and nutrients requirements of Protein, carbohydrate and fats; not to mention the Vitamins and the minerals may not reach the optimum levels on a daily basis. Its important to note, Nutrition for an athlete has to Be BANG On and one cannot expect to eat well for one part of the week and then slack off on other days.
It’s a grueling discipline. First Learn What is Your CALORIE BURN or expenditure through the day. Then Understand your Food and what foods have protein carb or fat component and then HOW much of that food you need to consume over a period of 6-8 meals in a day.
The basics are Carbohydrates which are the primary source of ENERGY or fuel in the human body. 1 gram of carbohydrate will give you 4 calories. If you eat a bowl of 100 gms of Rice you get 400 calories. Now if you run for 1 hour at a slow pace you burn approx.. 400 calories. SO KNOWING your burn rate or calorie Expenditure and then planning your calorie Intake via carbohydrates is crucial to your energy levels.
Proteins are the building blocks of Muscle. To grow, to maintain muscle mass, an athlete requires 1.2 to 2 GMs per kg bodyweight. For example a 60 kg athlete needs 60X1.5gms = 90 gms of protein. This now needs to be split over 6 meals of the day and therefore one needs 15 gms of protein in each meal of the day.
The Fat, a topic of controversy is making a huge comeback  in the sports world. NO longer is it ignored or asked to be reduced. 1 gm of fat gives an athlete 9 calories and in conditioned sports people nearly 30% of the days total calories can come from fat. For example if you need 3000 calories per day, then 30% of that will be 900 calories or 100 gms of fat in the diet over the 6 meals per day.

The Key to SPORTS NUTRITION is knowing your OUTPUT and then getting a nutrition coach to work with you to design your input requirements. I see athletes investing in the best of equipment that adorns the body or their game. However their own BODY’s functions are treated with little or no understanding of how to eat for performance.
LESSON 1: Learn about different carb, protein and fat based food. Learn how much you need to eat and when is the best time to eat that food.
Example: A Chocolate milkshake is a perfect recovery drink. It should not be had before training. The best time is immediately within 15 mins of finishing your training or game.

When Shikhar Dhawan, went to play on his test debut, he scored a double century. He batted with focus for over 29 hrs. The secret was hydrating more frequently not with plain water but with a sports electrolyte drink and allowing himself to munch on a few dry fruits in between water breaks. This ensured that his brain was kept hydrated so he could focus. His muscles received the much needed glucose because after playing for 2 hrs your energy reserves drop and this forces human error due to lack of focus. THE KEY is to convince your muscles to get some nutrition, NOT TOO MUCH , NOT LITTLE. Most athletes forget to Hydrate. You are 60% plus made up of water. When you effectively learn how to feed your muscles and brains, you allow your Body to go the extra mile to scoring 200 plus runs. Shikhar Dhawan today knows hydrating is the key to a long innings. This practice is not only for matches but even in practice and at the GYM. Finally a well hydrated muscle will be less prone to injury.

Ryan Fernando is an Award Winning Celebrity Sports Nutrition Coach & Chief Nutritionist at QUA NUTRITION Signature Clinics

February 18, 2017

How to feed your Kid Healthy Food

Ever watched Birds feed their Kids. Baby Cubs playing with their Parents in the Wild. Around 30 months ago I became a Father. I am a Sports Nutritionist. When the Nutritionist turned up in the hospital, she blabbered the diet that my groggy wife barely heard or ceded to memory. I was left with a paper on how she had to eat during breastfeeding.

UTTER RUBBISH! SO I DECIDED to learn about Nutrition for the mum and the baby.

8 months later when Icahn had to move to foods, the pediatrician was mumbling that all foods are ok. AGAIN this was utter RUBBISH.

So I set on a course to FEED my kid the right way. The Exam diet plan listed on Facebook page KIDS NUTRITION is one of the projects I set-up to help kids Click here to view the EXAM DIET CHART. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE EXAM DIET CHART ON FB

 This will expand over the years on how to feed your kid based on my experiences, my learnings with Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines and my team of over 50 of the best Nutritionists in the world at QUA NUTRITION.

July 26, 2016

The Fitness Hour on INDIGO 91.9 - Hosting my Own Radio Show as a NUTRITION COACH!

My SON is my Inspiration
To changing the way the next generation eats
Its not everyday you get to listen to your voice playback at you. I have to listen to it as we record. My own Radio Show just became a reality. As a Nutrition Coach I think the best way to change peoples lives is to empower them with Knowledge.

In this Show that will Run for a year at Bangalore and Goa my aim is to

  • Make Nutrition a common place in the Kitchen when making choices
  • Choose wisely when shopping for Groceries
  • Eating healthy at work
  • Eating healthy at a restarurant
  • What a Nutrition Concept means and whether you should be a FAN?
  • Myths and Facts and then there is SMARTER NUTRITION from my desk
  • Research better options rather than impractical google powered searches
  • Using my CLINCIAL and SPORTS PRACTICE experience to break it down into BITE sizes of information

  • HAVE FUN!!!

CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW TO LISTEN INTO THE SHOW Join me Ryan for the first time ever, a radio show dedicated to fitness, right here on Indigo 91.9, the radio station for FUN YOUNG FIT YOU. This is your nutrition coach Ryan Fernando! ( Unfortunately not STREAMING on the INTERNET and valid in GOA & BANGALORE ONLY)

To book a Nutrition plan with me or my team of world class nutritionists email me at ryan@quanutrition.com with your name and mobile no.
Alternatively you can book an appointment by clicking below

July 25, 2016

Interview with RAJ RJ on All India Radio on Nutrition Tips in 2014 - Click on the link below to hear it!


A show that went unnoticed till now! a few tips on how I think as a Nutrition Coach. If you want to work with me in changing ur diet, My team of dietitians assist me in preparing the most accurate plan for you using genetics and your current lifestyle!

Call +919743430000 to know more.

July 24, 2016

An Honest Commercial from COCA COLA - Hopefully you STOP buying the 2 litres Bottle!

As a Nutrition Coach,we try to get people to limit their calories per day. An aerated beverage does contribute to your calories. In this Infomercial it is seen that the company does want to move with times. But in India how ahead of the Health curve are we? ( This is bad English, but it just kept repeating in my head.....all y friends drink DIET now)


SO if you are doing COKE ZERO, think again the company does say its bad for you.

You can drop me a mail if you want me to speak at your Company or Community to increase awareness to healthy beverages.

January 9, 2016

BEST ADHD, AUTSIM and DOWN SYNDROME Nutritionists & Dietitians

"When a Kid calms down in your counselling after being on your diet for 8 weeks, you can feel the burden being lifted off a parents shoulder" - Ryan Fernando Chief Nutritionist -QUA NUTRITION

Everyday at the nutrition clinic is hustle bustle. Even when we do Skype calls with parents we can feel the energy of these special children. Working with our dedicated team of nutritionists( currently numbering 50 plus) we represent a HIVE. Working with each other to cross specialise in medical cases. Learning and constantly pushing the boundaries of nutrition for THERAPEUTIC intervention or planing to change behaviours via FOOD.

As a Clinical Biochemist, a food Biotechnologist and a Sports Nutritionist, Why did I get enamoured with SPECIAL CHILDREN? You see my journey started with the Paralympic athletes and my first case over a decade ago was with a girl who had DOWN's Syndrome and a teenage athlete. It was this case that opened my eyes to the WONDERS of Planned Nutrition and that really had  a profound impact on the development of a child. YES an athlete wins an Olympic medal, you are proud that you contributed but with a special child, YOU GET TEARS!

This profound impact on my life, has had me working with GIFTED and talented Dietitians and Nutritionists; where, we as a team approach a case and tear it down to BITE SIZE PORTIONS, on how we should treat each CHILD. Whether it is ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, AUTISM, DOWN''s, Wilsons Disease, Orthorexia, Hypotonia, Cushing's Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Dandy-Walker Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Graves, Crohns, lactose allergy  or even Juvenile Diabetes, we have a customisable strategy.


We take a KID, Ask for a Blood test. Ask for an Allergy Test, Ask for a Genetic Test. Ask for a heavy metals test. Ask for a Comprehensive stool analysis( from USA if possible) and then we sit with the parents to understand Culture and diet habits, likes and dislikes. We go behind closed doors over a 3-5 day period and get to pen down the best strategies,research latest studies and journals, call our International counterparts, then debate and finally agree to an outcome- A PRESCRIBED  DIET & SUPPLEMENTATION PLAN.

Many parents do come to us and say well GOOGLE says this and my doctor said this. Whilst we do respect the desire to acquire more knowledge, this DOES NOT REPRESENT a CLINICAL and customised approached for each child. SO GOOGLE DOES NOT TELL you neither does your DOCTOR tell you that TOMATOES may not be good for your ADHD child as they make them GIGGLE a LOT!

I get angry when I meet parents who say they can do it by referring to research. Why don't you build your own house, service your own car and fix your broken down washing machine yourself. When it comes to USING food as a TOOL to treat a condition you need a specialist NUTRITIONIST!

We are the EXPERTS. 
We are Successful.
We do not publish testimonials on special children

If you want to know more on how we work, please call Devika on 9743430000 or email her at devika@quanutrition.com. We work with Indian Kids in India and across the world. YOU ONLY need a Phone line to work with us.

An finally a Video on DOWNS and how successful your kids can become

December 29, 2015

Best Nutritionist Award - Ryan Fernando: THE STORY behind my Journey as A Nutritionist

My Name is RYAN FERNANDO. I AM the best Nutritionist. Winning the award for " BEST NUTRITIONIST OF THE YEAR" was a vote of confidence to knowing that our team of QUATICIANS or QUA NUTRITION dietitians are some of the best in the world.

The Awards were in various categories of Exercise and Fitness and selected by an International panel of experts. To get nominated and then win the Award for BEST NUTRITIONIST from such an esteemed panel, is humbling yet Motivational.  Below is the Video Documenting the way the JURY identified and selected recipients who were worthy of the awards in their Category.

A Humble thank you to my team of Nutritionists, my parents, my wife and all our clients who invest in us and provide us with our daily bread! Below is a synopsis of how our team of nutritionists are building some of the best Practices in Nutrition on a global ranking business processes system.

To Sign up on a plan with the BEST NUTRITIONIST, please email me at ryan@quanutrition.com or call +91 974343 0000. 

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