July 8, 2014


When I work with TOP Management in every office, I always see people who are striving to be fitter and younger. So once I asked the CEO of a very famous company why she eats right and always has a snack in her office. She said “ I need to fuel to think, I need to fuel to decide, I need fuel to run with best of my team who are a decade younger than me”

So eating at work is a simple principle of knowing what are you going to be doing for the next 2 hrs. Then learn to Snack to keep you healthy. HEALTHY SNACKS

When your hard at work and suddenly you’re famished, the hunger prangs start to kick in and the best option is to run to the nearest vending machine. 

Once you’ve eaten that guilt filled meal, you then begin to realise that your nutrition has taken a back seat. But Think Again! Are you really hungry? Or is it just that you’re bored or tired or stressed at work? If you aren’t really hungry then skip this meal.

Stack up on small snacks in your office drawer and you will notice the difference not only in your energy levels at work but also on your waistline. 

  1.Green Tea:  This is the Secret Fat Burner! It helps increase breakdown of fat, thereby enabling more calories to be burnt daily. Drinking atleast 4 cups of green tea a day can up your metabolism and also keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Another Secret from RYAN’s desk…. Green tea is known to boost Alpha Wave thinking….Ask me what this is and how it makes you sharper on your projects?

     2. Walnuts: Walnuts are high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids 
    and antioxidants. Pair a handful of walnuts with a piece, 
    your favourite fruit, or a bowl of oatmeal for a fibre-rich morning
    snack that will help you feel full longer.

   3.Apples:Apples are loaded with pectin, which helps suppress your appetite.Eating an apple mid-day helps control blood sugar and may aid in weight loss. Eat an apple a day to keep the Doctor away! I had a client who ate 2 apples a day before each meal and lost 3 kgs in a month.

   4. Low Fat Yoghurt: The latest Superstar! Yoghurt increases the    intestinal friendly bacteria keeping the intestine healthy. 
      It also boosts immunity, aids in digestion and the absorption of  nutrients.

   5.Almonds:  Almonds are especially 
   good because you can munch on 
   them throughout the day. Almonds are
   protein-packed and have the good 
   kind of fat, so they satisfy hunger.

   6.Low Calorie Granola Bars: Granola bars typically made with a 
      combo of whole grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, are a good to  grab in-between meals to curb hunger. Look for bars that contain
      no more than 200 calories each.

  7.Water: Although not exactly a snack, lack of water throughout the day is often the culprit behind feelings of hunger, headaches, and midday dragging. Bottled water is something you definitely want to keep stored at work. Sip throughout the day and watch your productivity and mood improve.     

   8. Sprout salad: Sprouts are a healthy snack option that you could keep at your desk. Boil sprouts and add a little bit of salt and pepper or just add in some sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes to drive your hunger away.

  9.Dark chocolates: Don't we all love to cheat on 

our diets once in a while? It is possible, provided you do it in a smart way. The remedy to sweet cravings is to have 2 cubes of dark chocolates. Opt for these bitter chocolates once in a while when you are tired of having salads and fruits, but make sure they’re made of 70% cocoa and not your milk chocolates.

  10.Buttermilk: Let’s just stick to tradition on this one. Buttermilk is a 
       good source of protein and calcium; also it is easy on the stomach.  Available in tetra packs and is easy to carry on the go. It also keeps  you hydrated and refreshes you. 

June 8, 2014

Can I eat more for less

If the world was a 100 people then 21 of them would be overweight. Everyday I meet people who are atleast 10 kgs over thier ideal body weight. They know it, I know it.

So I say what dont you do a nutrition plan to realise your optimal eating habit, pattern or DIET as most people call it. Its here that the barrage of " EXCUSES" begin.

Your weight does catch up with you in life...It depends when, and how? I am sure you have the excuses for the WHY also?

May 22, 2014


From Pudgy to a Six pack
ROBIN UTHAPPA is a Changed athlete
With the Orange Cap on, is Robbie really eating more Carrots? Well, he definitely is on a NUTRITION plan. As hard as he trains nowadays, so is his discipline towards his  nutrition plan. Its reflective today both on and off the field. A spirit of absolute focus.
This IPL season I have focused more on his performance nutrition with a careful balance of Proteins, amino acids and the vitamin profile. Robin no longer CRAMPS. I have designed a unique combination of HMB, ZMA, Calcirol and CALCIUM Magnesium. For his on the field hydration if your watching without the TV breaks you will see at least two bottles coming out to our ORANGE CAPPED player. Both bottles have secret formula's developed by us at QUA NUTRITION.

Robbie has also done the Nutrigenomics testing that determines his genes for DIET, Vitamins and Exercise profiling. ( Contents of this test are held confidential and cannot be disclosed on a public forum)

For those who follow Robin closely, he also is a firm believer now of >>>PRECISE NUTRITION eating habits. Today he has invested in one of our businesses called Itiffin. 

To get a ROBIN weight loss plan from my desk call +9197 4343 0000 and ask for the ROBIN UTHAPPA weight loss plan.

May 9, 2014


When I clicked this photo whilst stretching outside the AC compartment of the Shatabdi, I was
laughing. What a magical moment and then I crumbled. Is this the state of our HEALTH? What will happen to the future generations? How will healthcare deal with the burdens.

THE INDIAN PAUNCH - A weight on the economy! Time to become a trimmer nation.


Fat is stored in the stomach. Fat deposit may depend on the lipoprotein lipase which is an enzyme necessary for the fat storage. Genes also may responsible to determine your pot belly. Mostly fat is stored because you EAT TOO MUCH!!! or you eat the wrong fat storing foods.

There are two Fats at the belly level.
Subcutaneous FAT or below Skin.
Visceral FAT inside and near organs. DANGEROUS ONE.


At QUA NUTRITION we measure Visceral Fat using a specialised Weighing scale that uses Bioelectrical Impedance. And then we proceed to advise the diet and exercise to get rid of your Visceral Fat first.

A clear sign is when your waist is above 35 inches around the belly Button if you cant do the test.

Science shows LOW FAT DIETS do not work.

Science shows SPOT EXERCISES like crunches do not work.

Diets do not work, because they are TEMP.

What works?

1. A belief and will that you need to change the way you have always eaten.
2. Portion control
3. Carbohydrate management through the day and which types of carbs are allowed.
4. Exercise- Walk at your secret heart rate ( to learn it click here). When you walk at this heart rate you ulitse fat at a 70% efficiency as compared to other heart rates. SO ITS NOT THE TYPE OF PHYSICAL activity but the heart rate at which you do it.
4. In exercise you have to do resistance or strength training to the whole body
5. Have patience. you belly had time to grow...Give yourself 1 year of strict focus to get that flat tummy.
6. Avoid foods that are irritating your body and causing fat deposits/inflammation.

If you want to discover THE ONLY TRUTH and DIFFICULTY that you will need to burn fat, then speak to a Dietitian and CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT.

Call 080 3232 9292

April 17, 2014

The Best Top 30 Foods For Runners

I help runners eat healthier and eat for performance. My team at QUA NUTRITION designs nutrition plans that incroporate all of the above foods. I do hope you train to eat as you train to run. We can be reached at +91 9743430000 or email me at ryan@quanutrition.com. In case you wish to consult us for sports nutrition advice our costs range from $150 upto $1500 depending on the duration. We also incorporate Nutrition genetic testing to determine the most accurate foods for you.

April 1, 2014

HandBag Secrets for Weight loss in Women

Nutrition helps you to get a flat ab

The Quickest and Easiest Tips for Weight Loss in Women

Changing the way a woman feels about herself….well you can compliment her or you can flatter her! As a nutritionist, I think my gift to every woman I meet is the advice that will really help you lose weight. This woman’s day gift yourself to the knowledge that “ IF YOU TRY and TRY HARD enough and Crazy enough, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT…the right way!”

These are my tips that you can say are your HANDBAG must haves to lose weight.

  • Get up at 5.45 am. After exactly 7 hrs of sleep your Cortisol in now Peaking. (CORTISOL is the evil hormone that deposits FAT in your hips).  Drink 1 shot of Black coffee (80 ml) NO SUGAR please ladies…. 1 Slice of Brittania SLIMZ cheese (low Fat).
  • Immediately GO for a brisk 33 min walk NO MORE NO LESS you will force your FAT to think about do I deposit or Do I burn! Every 3 mins do 10 stationary on the spot High Knee to Chest on the spot Sprinting for 10 counts.
  • Post this walk 1 scoop of Whey Protein ( PREFERABLY QNT METAPURE – 0 Carb, 0 Fat High fat loss protein) & 3 Capsules of CLA and 1 Zenith Nutrition Multivitamin
  • 1 Hr 3 Egg whites,  a Cup of Green tea 300 ml
  • 4 Hrs from your Walk 10 almonds, 3 Figs 10 Pistas
  • Mid morning 1 glass of Green tea 300 ml.
  • 5 PM 1 scoop of Nutrilite protein Powder( SOYA based) with water. IT tastes YUCK but will work on the hunger Pangs
  • 7 PM a large SOUP and Salad
  • 10 Pm I glass of Skim Milk with 1 Slice of Britannia SLIM CHEESE and 3 capsules of CLA
  • 5 Vegetables I think that you have to eat every day Carrot, Tomato, Beetroot, Lettuce and French Beans
  • 5 Fruits I think you have to eat every day Watermelon, Apple, Orange, Lemon( squeezed in your water), Kiwi/Pomegranate
5 supplements every women must have
1. Zenith Nutrition Multivitamin
2. QNT METAPURE Protein ( 0% Carb, 0% fat)
3. CLA & GLA
4. Unived Omega 3

REPEAT for 4 weeks and then call us. WE THEN START THE FAT BURNER…by now you should have lost 3 kgs.

March 16, 2014

How do I decide what to feed my baby - Nutrition and Gene's that respond to Diet and Exercise

Icahn 5 months
Icahn 6 months
 PUBLIC DISCLOSURE: The below post is a personal post influenced by my own sons experiments with discovering whats the right thing for him. Most information is backed by medical science but I do not suggest you make this post the basis of your decisions for the diet of a kid. Seek professional paid nutritional guidance for customisation

Baby nutrition with a nutritionist
The best baby food Blender
My son, Icahn Aryan is all of 8 months when he was given the green signal to start solid foods via BABY FOOD!. So I went out as a nutritionist and bought the best BABY FOOD BLENDER from Philips Avent...This is an awesome blender to make kids foods. It steams first and cooks the fruits or vegetables or Grains and then is able to blend it to a fine puree or BABY Goo! We do not buy baby food for him. This steamer and blender does it in 25 minutes flat at the longest..

Qua Nutrition Kids nutrition
Icahn 7 months
The biggest issue was that the Doctor now was not able to give us direction for what foods to start with. It was there but vague. And then is a ton of motherly, grandmotherly advice thats really good ...but not accurate and designed  to the generation that we live in.

Its here that I decide to make Icahn the youngest tested Nutrigenetic patient in the country. A nutrigenomic test takes a saliva sample and we then process the DNA from the saliva to look at the genes related to the diet.

I now know his Apo E gene, his Diet Category or the PPARG gene, all his vitamin based gene receptors and their action in the body, whether he has the FAT storage and absorption genes, his immunity function, his exercise genes and most importantly we got Icahns IQ gene, his memory gene, his reading and learning gene tested. WATCH THE VIDEO to see snippets of the test.

With this report and the pediatric nutritionist guiding us we are able to plan a better meal, a better choice of Apple or banana, potato or sweet potato.

So in brief what did we learn

  1. What ratio of FATs to Carbs
  2. How much protein
  3. How to teach him young to eat for his cholesterol gene
  4. Which vitamin receptors are low and we supplement so he grow well ...immunity, brain and bones ;)
  5. How much does he need to play, which game( I THINK GOLF) based on his exercise genes
  6. Does he need to play more than he studies
  7. Does he need to avoid Junk food....HELL YES...he has the E3/E3 gene. ;(
  8. Will he become a diabetic....yes....so he needs to Avoid sugar or be trained from very very young to Avoid sweets as his exercise does not impact his insulin sensitivity.
  9. And from his Brain performance point...how much Omega and minerals for brain performance, how much stimulus via video games, TV and Reading and whether to really push him

Few pointers as a Nutritionist with a Biochemistry and  Gut microflora fetish... Introduce one food at a time per 4-5 days. dont start them as a mix. The microbial gut flora take about a week to get acclimatised to fermentations of a new substrate. So when I first start with rice for Icahn, my ideas was based on Starch, glucose and the glycemic index of rice. Its best to start first with white rice and then move to brown rice. This may be wrong nutritionally but its kinder on a 7 month old babys digestive system. As a father when you change PAMPERS you will know what I mean...the Smell....thats the start of a new fermentation...its called BIOGAS ;). Kids dont get Colic because of the mothers but when they do not have the right bacteria in their gut. So go with Probiotics. Icahn was a normal delivery baby and still I am working with probiotics for him. TO KNOW MORE ON HIS SCHEDULE OF INTRODUCTION OF FOODS please click here.

I must say I am blessed to have this knowledge to know how to go about his nutrition. To all the parents out there.....for the cost of a smartphone you get to know how your child needs to EAT.

1 year, 10 year old or 15 year old...come to QUA NUTRITION....we even work overseas....we will send you the DNA kit.....


Our team of child nutrition specialists can  be reached at  080 3232 92929, international +91 974343 0000 or email ryan@quanutrition.com

March 14, 2014

Yogeshwar Dutt gets Sports Nutrition advice

Nutrition coach Ryan fernando with Sushil kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt

Yogeshwar Dutt rolls his opponent 6 times with power that belied his tired look.Winning an Olympic medal is not an easy task. Winning in wrestling is an even larger herculean task. The Gods would be shining on Yogeshwar as he clinches his Olympic medal tonight. Yogeshwar is a follower of an Olympic sports nutrition program. A program with roots at the ARMY SPORTS Institute, yogeshwar's injuries were treated with glucosamine and Vit C. Teaching him about Nutrient timings seem frivolous at the time, but in retrospect he was a keen learner and hence a winner today. To every student out there training to be an Olympian, the journey starts a decade in advance and Nutrition plays a key role. Dutt once asked me " How do I fight without getting tired? is there a Food that helps?" Beetroot was my reply then.......and still is... Very Happy to have met you  Mr DUTT!

March 6, 2014

Workplace Nutrition for your Women

Women need to eat right in the workplace

WOMEN are special. Gift them something that will touch them for life. A gift of Nutrition advice that is based on your LOVED Ones QUA! Email me ryan@quanutrition.com to wow the women in your Company, your life or your eye!

December 11, 2013

How Mega Star Shivaraj Kumar fed his Six packs!

At 51 years of age getting a six pack requires commitment, effort and bucket loads of sweat. Shivaraj Kumarji walked into my clinic a little over a year ago after hearing about our success with Olympian Sushil Kumar. His words were exact " I need to be fit and I need to have a stellar body". His trainer is his guide to pushing his body to his limit. From a sports nutrition perspective we requested that we do the best tests in the world on Shivaraj Kumar and then I set about on his diet.

At the clinic we assessed his height weight and advance fat percentage levels. We obtained his schedules on shoot, off shoot, in country, out of country, during holiday and so on. This enabled us to plan his meals according to his calorie requirement. What was important was WHEN HE WORKED OUT? how much of Negative calorie did we need to maintain to burn fat and not lose Muscle. His trainer meticulously gave us his schedule down to every REP and weight lifted in the gym.

Click for 6 Pack Diet
We then drew samples of blood and flew them to USA, on a specialised $1000 test which gave us insights into his Vitamin, mineral, Amino acids level, enzyme levels and other molecules in his body. From here using a state of the art Dietary Software we balanced his protein, carbs and fats intake and had supplements customised only for his biochemistry...." Designer Protein and vitamin Supplements".

Then we did the Nutrigenomics or Food Genetic Test to determine the exact ratio of protein to carbs to fats. The genes in his workout regime and the FAT absorption gene, -how do you trick your genes to beleiving you are losing weight. Results of all the tests are confidential and cannot be shared on a public site. But know this, with Blood and Genetic testing any person can strive to get the right physique..even a six pack!

At QUA NUTRITION we even have nick named a few of our WEIGHT LOSS SALADS as "Bajarangi " 

Its important that the public knows that the process by which the DIET is followed is scientific and done to minimise any harmful effects to the human body. At his age most people are trying to save joints, replace heart valves or undergo triple bypass....his feat of a 6 pack is at best ..." A work of Science and Sweat"! Not to mention his grit! Hats off to you sir!! rather SHIRTS off to you!

To get the SHIVARAJ KUMAR effect call us at 080 3232 9292 or email me ryan@quanutrition.com.